Hi Marielle! Fisrt off, I love the photo you used to illistrate you blog post! My parner and I are also working on performance poetry. I agree that these pieces of preformance poetry in out text do cover many political ideas. Tone is very importantt in preformance poetry. I think it is what makes or breaks the poem. Nice work! I look forward to listening !



photo from How to Start a Podcast and Measure Its Impact in 2021 https://www.voices.com/blog/how-to-start-a-podcast/

Form: Performance Poetry

Poet/Artist: Patricia Smith

Format: Co-Host Podcast: holding a conversation


  1. Construction of Identity Through Performance Poetry


2. The Cultural Politics of Slam Poetry: Race, Identity and the Performance


Guiding Questions: How does the way a poem is performed set both the tone and moos for the author’s writing? With the way a poem is performed, what literary devices help organize a clear performance for the audience?

What podcast teaches audience: I want my radio show to teach people how performance poetry is not only a performance for the artist but rather a personal experience for the audience. I also would like to show my viewers how in some ways performance poetry is more powerful than music.